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Almost every pregnant woman has experienced leg crampsduring pregnancy. Leg cramps are nothing more than sudden and bothersomeor even painful contractions of the muscles in the leg.

Usually, people who exercise regularly already know that demandingphysical activity can cause leg cramps. Other potential causes include sittingwith the legs crossed or even placed under the body for longer periods of time,and of course pregnancy.

Potential Causes of Leg Cramps in Pregnant Women

There is no identified cause of leg cramps affecting pregnantwomen. Doctors believe that excess weight gained during the pregnancy mayseriously affect your muscles and lead to cramping. Women usually gain at leastnine pounds during this period, and this added weight may be putting some extrapressure on your muscles and provoke cramps and pain. Increase of the uterussize might also be one of the reasons behind the cramps, especially in theearly days of the pregnancy. This condition is proven to cause pressure on theblood vessels of the legs (and all other, also), which is commonly consideredto provoke leg cramps.

Dehydration and the lack of some important nutrients andelectrolytes can also lead to leg cramps. This is quite condition, especiallyat night, when the organism can lack calcium, potassium or even some water.

Preventing Leg Cramping

Avoid sitting with crossed legs if pregnant, in order toprevent leg cramps. Also drink plenty of water and avoid coffee and tea, andeat healthy and nutritious meals. Doctors advise light exercises, such aswalking every day, at least 5 to 10 minutes. Wear comfortable shoes and supportive nylons ifyou need to.

How to Treat Leg Cramps

As it is already mentioned, early pregnancy is commonlyconnected with leg cramping, because of the adjustment of your body to newconditions. This is not something to be worried about, because you can changethat. Use a bottle of warm water and place it to affected area. It should relaxthe muscles and ease the cramps. If you have time – hot bath is helpful as welland it can relieve and prevent even those unpleasant night cramps.

When experiencing some leg cramps try to stretch your calfmuscles. Even wriggling the toes and rotating ankles may prove to be sufficientto relieve the cramping. Sometimes, being too active during the day and doingall kinds of errands may cause cramping. Always be aware of that and take somerest during the day.

If there is nothing of the above that can be associated withyour case, check with your doctor. Maybe you lack some minerals and that iscausing your leg cramps. In that case, your doctor will be able to advise youwhat supplements you should have to take.

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