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During the night, cramps may affect you lower leg and this text will talk about this problem. The muscle contraction that is involuntary and sudden is called muscle cramp and it causes sudden tightness and pain in the leg. Locations on the body such as foot, calf or thigh are the most affected by this problem. Elderly people, dancers and sportsmen seem to be most affected by this issue. The duration of the cramp depends on the cause and it can last from several seconds to approximately a minute.


There are several possible causes of the lower leg cramps and they go from minor to more severe. Electrolyte imbalance is one of possible causes and it is one of the most common. The lower leg cramps may occur if the deficiency of sodium, potassium or some other mineral is present. This problem, which can affect both adults and children, can also lead to leg pain among older people and pregnant women. Next possible cause is dehydration. The functioning of the muscles can be impaired if we do not drink enough fluid. Dehydration can be caused by the use of diuretics and thus develop lower leg cramps. Cramps and pain in the lower leg can also be caused by excessive physical activity. There are several other possible causes of lower leg cramps and some of them are kidney failure, gastric bypass surgery, liver cirrhosis, Addison’s disease or type 2 diabetes. See a doctor if the lower leg cramps become frequent or reoccurring.


The problem should be diagnosed with, MRI, X-ray and a physical examination. A diet of mineral rich foods and electrolytic drinks can solve the problem if it is caused by the imbalance of the electrolytes. Drinks just mentioned can also help if the problem is caused by dehydration, but if the dehydration is severe, intravenous fluids will be needed. Know that this situation may result in death, so visit to the doctor is essential. Massage and physical therapy may help if the leg cramps are a result of the sprain or the strain of the ligament. Another possible treatment involves the use of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Also, respective therapy will be needed if the lower leg cramps are a result of some disease already mentioned. But the problem can be avoided by following several simple steps. Doctors must be visited if the cramps are a result of some medication use. In order to prevent the problem, you can drink from 8 to 10 glasses of water during the day. The balance of minerals and electrolytes can be maintained by following nutritious and healthy diet plan. The problem can be effectively resolved if the treatment of the problem is conducted timely.

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