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Pulled calf muscle is very common problem among those who practice contact sports and in the following text, we will talk about the nature, causes and treatment of this problem. The problem of pulled calf muscle is connected with the "pulled" or even in some cases torn calf muscle from the Achilles tendon. The area we are talking about can be found below the knee level, in the back region of the leg. There are three grades of calf muscles. The first grade is a very light pull causing tiny tears of the calf muscle fibers. The second grade is connected with the more serious tear that demands longer recovery time, since several fibers have been pulled, while the third grade is a completely torn muscle and no tear is present in this case. Surgery can sometimes be needed for these cases. The third grade is a problem that happens very rarely, when compared to the grades one and two.


Next we will focus on are the symptoms produced by the problem of pulled calf muscles. When this problem occurs, the person will initially feel a cramp sensation, usually sudden, in the calf, but after this initial problem, the calf will swell up. The problem of pulled calf muscle mostly happens when the person tries to change direction rapidly or when the person lands badly on the foot while jumping or landing. Heavy calf workout may also lead to the problem in question, along with an injury usually to the shin area. Be sure to warm up calf muscles, as well as all others before you work out, because by doing this, you reduce the chances of injury by preparing the body for the strain and the workout.


The treatment of this not so serious problem consists of rest, in most of the cases. Also, for the swelling, you can put ice packs three times during the day on the troubling location. The ice pack should not be kept on the area for more than 20 minutes. It can also help with the pain experienced, although for the pain you can also use some anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen, but this should be done only if the doctor has prescribed the medication. The usual recovery time for pulled calf muscle is two weeks. A person should rest during this period after which he or she will even be able to run. But, if the problem persists after this period, visit a doctor. As we have said, this is a common problem that usually goes away after two weeks of rest, so if you suffer from pulled calf muscle, do not worry too much.

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