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Xenical weight loss pills

Weight loss pills are becoming more and more popular among those who are willing to get rid of the unwanted weight, or at least to try to do that. Besides that, there are weight loss pills which are also good for those who want to make sure that the lost pounds stay lost. The doctor prescribes them usually with a diet low in calories, which means that there is no point in taking pills and sticking to old eating habits.

As for the mechanism of action of Xenical, which is one of such weight loss pills, it actually blocks those enzymes that are responsible for breaking down fats, which means that they simply pass out of the body in the bowel movement. However, it does not have the potential to prevent the absorption of calories, which means that the intake of sugary and non-fat foods should be decreased. With the right use, this pill in question can help a person lose as much as 15% of the body weight and the whole process will start in approximately 2 weeks. The pills are usually used for a year as a weigh loss aid, but afterwards, their use can be continued because they will help the person to keep the lost pounds off.

Besides these mentioned effects, with their use and due to the loss of weight, the person will be less exposed to the risks of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and other problems that obesity creates.

Possible negative effects of Xenical treatment

Xenical might affect the absorption of some vitamins, particularly those that are fat-soluble, which is why it might be a good thing to use the supplements that contain these vitamins. It might also interfere with the absorption of some other medications, which is why it is necessary to be well informed about the medications that should not be used at the same time with Xenical, or should not be used at all. As for the side effects, the greatest majority can be avoided if Xenical is taken with some liquid and during a meal which contains fat. Otherwise, it should be taken an hour after the meal.

Still, effects that cannot be avoided always are oily stool and oily discharge in the stool, passing winds and frequent urge to use the washroom. Pain in rectum might also be present from time to time, but this is expected, and there is no reason for too much concern because these signs should go away after some time.

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