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This text will talk about a pill that is used for the reduction of the weight. We will see in which way this pill works and other characteristics. This is a very safe product that works by blocking the fat absorption and it operates only in the digestive system. Other products that promote the reduction of weight, such as appetite suppressants, affect the brain. The Xenical does not do this, since it only affects the digestive system. Many studies have been conducted on the efficiency of this pill and they have confirmed that if proper diet is implemented, the Xenical can be very effective. The results that this pill produces are related to the fact that the dietary fat is not absorbed and it is expelled trough the bowel movement. So, this pill is very effective if the food consumed during the day has 30% of calories received from fat. This is a very good way to reduce the weight and what is even more important, it is very healthy and efficient.

Weight Maintenance

The weight loss needs to be maintained and this is the part where most of the pills for the weight reduction fail. There are some pills that can help you reduce weight and maintain the body weight that you have reached. This is the part where Xenical is very good and efficient. But, along with the proper diet, exercising has to be implemented, along with the use of this weight reduction pill. The exercises will help you with the maintenance of the weight. If you do not want to work out and exercise, the weight will start to pour back. This will happen if you change the diet and switch back to regular and not balanced diet. You can see that Xenical, or any other pill, cannot do all the work for you. There are parts that you have to accomplish in order to reach the desired results.

There were studies that involved two groups of people, one that only used Xenical, and the other that implemented balanced diet along with the use of this medication. The results have showed that those who included balanced diet reached two times greater results after 53 weeks. Also, we have to mention that taking this pill is safe and it will not cause any excessive reduction of weight. Almost 80% of those who have reduced their weight with the help of Xenical have lost 5% of the body weight. This is excellent since scientists state that reduction from 5 to 10 % will bring great benefits on the body. It is important to take the prescribed dose, which is 120mg during or one hour after the meal. Also, taking the pill can be skipped if the meal is fat free.

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