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People are lately woken by pain in their neck. Mostly they think that they "pinched nerve in neck” and they comes to seek for some pain killers. But is it like it seems or something else can be the case?

The definition of symptom is, in the most cases clarifying of what you see or feel, and putting in plain words your condition. Something like this can be heard when people come to seek help regarding the neck condition.

When somebody's neck suddenly wrench after the sleep it can be stuck for a while. You can experience needles and pins in fingers with pain in shoulder. Arm can hurt more than neck and if arm is risen pain is lessened. Painkillers do not usually work. Driving a car is almost impossible.

Pinched nerve fallows bottomless, pounding pain. For better understanding of the neck it is recommend to watch the neck anatomy video, because it explains basics of anatomy of neck and spinal nerve and cervical disc of cervical spine.
Herniation and prolapsiation are main provokers of spondylosis of the cervical disc which can be diagnosed by a x-ray scan
Synovial meniscoid entrapment is condition when meniscoid become stuck in the middle of two cervical facet joints,causing the pain on one side of the neck.

Either way doctors can advise you for some treatment but there are things you can do for yourself.

Although self treatment may help, advice is to see professional help because serious diseases can be hidden in "pinched nerve in neck”.(Tumors, infections, loss of the muscle...)
Bakody Sign Position is position which can help with relaxing the pinched nerve, by rising arm and palm on top of head. Do not sit for hours.
Using a good pillow will let down the strain on your neck joints. Memory foam pillows, or any other good pillow will help as meaning for restricting the pain in the neck.
If you try to stay still it may do more bad things, therefore moving in directions where there is no pain then its helpful. That is why compromise in resting and moving is the best way.
Because there are various medications that refers to pinched nerves or inflamed muscles and joints, it is recommended to seek for professional advice and help, in order to prevent chronic state.
If you want to use home equipment for cervical traction it is advised to be sporadic and careful. Using foll power, during exercising, is not recommend,but your doctors, orthopedic, neurosurgeon or chiropractor ca tell you what is the best for you to do.
Preserving good condition of your body for better healing process is crucial. Good sleep, food and the most important, water must be consumed.

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