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Our neck may cause us pain for various reasons. It may beprovoked by an underlying bone illness such as arthritis or perhaps by adamaged disc in our neck. Also, age may often be the cause of both the illnessesand the neck pain. Most often, neck pain is caused by a pinched nerve inside ofit. This happens when an opening between the disc and the bones in our neckgets reduced because of various factors, and the nerve travelling through gets caughtand pinched in between. This causes sharp pain, sometimes even irritation and swelling,and may last for a short or a long period of time, depending on the movement ofthe previously mentioned body parts.

Of course, this is not the only scenario of a pinched nervein the neck. Bones affected by arthritis may halt the nerves journey through theneck, causing the same pinching effect as the one previously mentioned.

The symptoms are mostly painful and inability to move the neck freely,as well as stiffness and irritation of the spot where the nerve was pinched, orthe ganglia in the neck, where the roots of many nerves are injured.

Although this injury, or, rather, condition, is mostlyconnected with people who are over 40 years old, younger people can also experienceneck pain caused by some of the above mentioned factors. Younger people aremore endangered since they tend to move more and be more exposed to moderatephysical activity, increasing the risk of further injury taking place.

In most cases, the pain disappears on its own. However,complications and persistence of pain may call for more drastic measures. Neckbrace or a “collar” may be a necessity in order to put the bones in place aswell as reduce the existing inflammation. Exercises prescribed from the doctorare known to help in reducing the pain and mending the causes and the symptoms ofa pinched neck nerve. Chiropractors are known to do wonders in cases of this orsimilar injuries, although many refuse to believe this is true and doubt theirtechnique considering it dangerous. Results, however, prove them wrong.

In cases of persistent pain, medications, steroidal or not,depending on the situation, are prescribed. Regardless of that, one must be carefulwhen choosing a drug, since various allergies and side-effects may be provoked.Consulting with your doctor is the best choice in such situations.

Steroidal injections applied in the spinal tract or asurgical operation may be necessary in worst case scenarios of this condition.

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