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Are you going to enjoy a night on the town with your partner, while your kids stay with the babysitter? Of course, the children want to have a great time too. Here are some tips for activities your baby sitter can do with young kids that they will really enjoy recommended by my five-year old!

When my husband and I go out together at night to keep the romance alive, I dress my two kids up in their pajamas before our loved and trusted babysitter arrives. My five year old says that she loves having pillow fights with her brother on the living room couch, while watching some cartoons on the TV. She especially likes having hot chocolate! My daughter also loves role play, and says: "I like pretending to be a witch and my brother pretends he is a ghost."

That's probably so much fun because our babysitter joins in with the role play too, and pretends to be scared of the kids. They all run around the house and really tire themselves out before they go to bed. Board games are another favorite, though it is probably a terrible cliche.

Board games tend to fall in the category of games parents intended to play with their kids, but never have the time to. Babysitters can make up for that! If mom and dad are going out for dinner, the children and babysitter need to eat too. Most children really like to help make dinner, and baking cookies is great too. Why not ask your children what they would really like to eat ahead of time, so that the experience can be special for them too?

Kids cooking is usually a messy affair, and you'll be grateful for a babysitter who will clean everything up as well. Crafts, like making something out of clay, scrap booking, painting, and so on will certainly be popular with the kids. Whether the babysitter will like it too is a completely different question!

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