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All parents need some time off at some point or another. Namely, you may want to spend some time in private with your spouse or may have some plans that the two of you need to go through together. Either way, when something like this comes out, the necessity for a babysitter reaches the surface. A good babysitter can help you remain calm, knowing that your baby or small child is in the right hands. However, finding a babysitter good enough to make you feel this way is not an easy task at all.

Opting for the Right Babysitter

One of the best ways of finding a good babysitter is having him/her recommended. Ask your friends, coworkers, partners, acquaintances or some other members of social circles you are a part of. Also, pay attention whether you have neighbors who have children of the same age as yours. If this is the case, you might ask them for babysitter information as well. Alternatively, if you are a single parent, being in a group such as Parents Without Parents can help you get connected with babysitters. Basically, you need to sit down and create a list of possible resources. Once you have narrowed your search down, you can start calling each babysitter separately, asking the set of questions below.

Questions for a Potential Babysitter

Ask the babysitter whether he/she enjoys spending time with the children of your child's age. Also, inquire about this person's capability of enforcing sleeping, curfew, chores, rules and other such things. The babysitter should be able to explain the techniques he/she uses for interacting with the child, so make sure you receive these explanations. Ask for 100% attention for your child once he/she is awake. Finally, ask whether the parents of the babysitter are there to help in case of emergency and whether the babysitter has means of transportation of his/her own.

An Eye to Eye Visit

Once you find your potential babysitter, ask him/her to come over. Introduce the babysitter to the child and observe the way he/she interacts with him/her. If you see that their relationship has started well, move on to final arrangements.

Note that, if you have a boy, a male babysitter may be a better choice than a female one. Also, before you are gone, make a list of all the necessary things to be done by the sitter. Make sure you issue all the rules and requirements straightforwardly and leave the address of the place you will be staying at, the phone numbers through which he/she can reach you, the names and numbers of the neighbors, the time of your arrival and the timetables for all the activities the child needs to take part in, from snacks to playtime.

Finally, as far as paying is concerned, do not be afraid to offer a bit more than the babysitter asks. Some charge by the hour, while others charge by the evening. Either way, do not give too much, but do not give too little either. Bear in mind that you might need this person again, so do not be afraid to be a bit more generous after a well-done job.

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