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Vitamins make our body healthy

Essential part in our nutrition has consummation of vitamins. Vitamins help our tissue cells to work properly, providing the proper functioning of the body. A healthy organism needs balanced level of vitamins and minerals in order to strengthen the immune system. Very important part in growth, development and health of our organism has vitamin H, also known as biotin and vitamin B7.

Importance of the Biotin

Biotin is responsible for cell development and production of fatty acids in organism. The characteristic of this vitamin is to convert fatty acids and glucose into energy sources. Besides that, this vitamin helps in metabolizing of the amino acids and carbohydrates, which stimulates the production of some enzymes. Other very important effect of this substance is formation of glycogen, which will reduce the pain in our muscles and formation of the cramps during the workouts. Also, proper work and health of the sweat glands, nerve tissues and bone marrow is conditioned by presence of this important vitamin. Lastly, biotin has important part in creating of nucleic acids (RNA and DNA). Lack of this vitamin causes phenomenon named biotin deficiency.

As far as the aesthetic point of view is concerned, biotin has major part in acne and eczema treatments. It enriches the skin structure and fortifies it, preparing it for defense from toxic environmental substances which can cause damage on the skin. Disease such as seborrheic dermatitis is caused by absence of the biotin in nutrition. Also, biotin has a crucial part in the strengthening of the hair and nails. Skin discoloration is phenomenon provoked by deficiency of this vitamin.

Side effects of the vitamin H

Despite the fact that scientist still haven’t proven the side effects of this vitamin, it is being considered to have some minor side effects. Eosinophilic pleuropericardial effusion is disease, which, scientist believe, is related to excessive intake of this vitamin, as well as vitamin B5. This disease is very serious and can results as fatal. Also it is considered, that high amounts of this vitamin should be avoided during pregnancy, because some experiments have shown dangerous effect of biotin on the fetus.

Therefore, it is essentially important to keep the intake of this vitamin balanced. However,it is known, that any substance which is taken in the excessive amounts, can be harmful to our body. Especially, if someone suffers from biotin deficiency, the intake of this vitamin should be supervised by doctors.

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