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A person whose bowel movements have become difficult or less frequent is most likely suffering from constipation. Constipation officially occurs when the bowel movements occur less than three times in a period of seven days. People who suffer from constipation will have a dry, hard and small stools which are usually very hard to eliminate because of the constipation. People who are constipated have a great chance to suffer from very painful bowel movements. Apart from this, a person may also suffer from bloating, straining and the feeling of a full bowel.

People who suffer from constipation look for various ways to get rid of it as soon as possible. There are ways a person can achieve immediate constipation relief. However, a person should keep in mind that certain constipation remedies that are good for the adults should not be used with children who suffer from constipation.

Immediate constipation relief for infants

The main problem with infants is that they cannot express their problems and that is the main reason why parents are usually confused and anxious when they notice that the infant is not feeling quite well. However, parents should know that constipation in babies is a common problem. The most obvious sign of constipation is the change in their stool pattern.

Lots of parents use a stool softener syrup in order to get rid of constipation in babies. Natural colon cleanser and softener is probably the best cure for constipation because there are no side effects. Chemical based treatment should be avoided because of the possible side effects.

In order to get rid of constipation a parent should give apple or pear juice to the child twice per day. Babies older than four months can be fed with high fiber content food also twice per day. Such foods are bananas, cereals, peaches, prunes, peas and spinach. A tummy massage and a hot bath help as well. Immediate constipation relief during pregnancy

A vast number of women experience the problems with constipation during pregnancy because of the hormonal changes, changes in dietary patterns and pressure of the developing baby.

The intake of plenty of water or high-fiber drinks are probably the best options in this case. Walking exercises help as well. It is important that the digestive system remains healthy in order to avoid constipation.

Other solutions for immediate constipation relief

The experts agree that the best way to treat constipation is by drinking a lot of water and natural fruit juices. Herbal tea is also good. Exercises are very important for the treatment of constipation as well. The intake of green leafy vegetables should be increased if a person is suffering from constipation. A person can also buy laxatives over the counter in order to treat this problem.

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