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Constipation can affect anyone of any age, sex or race. Constipation is an extremely uncomfortable condition and is described as when a person passes a stool less than three times in a week’s period and the stools are difficult to pass and are extremely hard and stiff in their texture. There are quite a few natural remedies to cure yourself of constipation.

Causes of Constipation

One of the most profound reasons for suffering with constipation is having a diet that is low in the fiber intake. Also, if you do not drink a healthy amount of water throughout each day you are likely to also suffer with constipation. There are other causes of constipation such as eating your meals at unbalanced times, swallowing air, holding stools and not allowing them to pass at the natural time your body wishes to pass them, stress, and also sleep disorders.

Symptoms of Constipation

Constipation will often come with an array of symptoms but will differ from a person to person. Some may notice a bloated feeling only and others may lose their appetite, feel sick, uncomfortable, and even get hemorrhoids. It is imperative to treat constipation so as to not allow the condition to become a chronic condition.Cures for Constipation

Many people are not aware of the simple home remedies that are effective for the treatment of constipation. So because of this they resort to doing to the shop or the pharmacy and buying laxatives and/or purgatives. This can of course help in the short term and will give you almost immediate results but they certainly do not provide you with a permanent cure and it is not wise to take laxatives every week to unblock oneself. You simply need to change your diet and perhaps consult a nutritionist to gain knowledge on how to do so. Chiefly you will need to include more dietary fiber into your food as well as drink more water. At home, as well as changing your diet you can consume a glass of warm water in the mornings and also have a bowl of grapes, raisons and prunes four or five times a week. A natural laxative you can buy from the health food shop is Ayurvedic products such astriphala. Pregnancy will often make women constipated and for this you need to eat green leafy vegetables, brown rice, and oatmeal which are all high in dietary fiber. Another natural remedy is Psyllium husk.

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