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A lot of women experience heartburn while they are pregnant. However, there is a way for a woman to avoid this inconvenience. There are several advices a woman can follow in order to avoid heartburn. Pregnant women suffer more from everyday ailments, like heartburn. The ailments are worse especially in the first and third trimesters. During those periods if a woman experiences heartburn she will feel a stronger one than the one she would experience when she is not pregnant. Since not all women are the same, some will experience stronger effects than others. However, women need not worry too much because it can all be avoided.

Smaller meals

The third trimester is tricky because at that point the baby becomes big enough to put pressure on the stomach. When that happens, the acid in the stomach is more likely to reflux. Just by not overeating and consuming small meals a woman can avoid all this. A woman should avoid consuming three strong and big meals and consume five or even six small meals in a day.

Sleeping position

Another cause of an acid reflux can be the sleeping position. The best way to sleep during pregnancy is to lay with the head and torso slightly elevated. This position will ensure that the food remains in the stomach. A woman can place a pillow under her back and head to make herself more comfortable. Another good advice is that a woman should not eat within at least two hours before going to bed. The reason for this is because the body needs time to digest the food and two hours is enough. Posture
In order to avoid heartburn during pregnancy a woman needs to make sure that her posture is good. It is very important that the stomach is not under pressure. When sitting, a woman should do it in an upright position. It is the same for walking and standing. Clothing
Loose clothes are an excellent choice for pregnant women because they do not put pressure on the stomach. Tight clothes cause strain and that may lead to heartburn.


A pregnant woman needs to take care of what she eats. Alcohol, chocolate, citrus fruits, tomato-based foods, soft drinks, coffee and acidic juices should not be consumed during the pregnancy. Fried food and food rich in fat should be consumed as little as possible. On the other hand, water is very important but a woman must not take huge amounts of it. However, a woman should sip the water throughout the whole day and not just chug it occasionally.

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