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The easiest way to calculate when woman is most fertile, that is when woman ovulates is by using ovulation kit, also known as fertility kit. These kits help determine the day of ovulation by applying the level of luteinizing hormone, abbreviation for luteinizing hormone is LH. Luteinizing hormone is present in woman s body, to be more accurate in woman s urine approximately 24 to 48 hours prior to ovulation. Actually luteinizing hormone is the hormone that triggers ovulation, which is the release of an egg from one of your ovaries. Ovulation kit should be used depending from woman s menstrual cycle this means menstrual cycle determines the best days to start using ovulation kit. You can approximately determine your ovulation days by calculating ovulation days yourself using ovulation calendar. Most ovulation kits recommend using them with first morning urine. They also suggest that woman should reduce liquid intake approximately 4 hours before testing this is also one of the reasons testing first thing in the morning is the most appropriate.

Most women find ovulation kits most convenient for use they do not have to calculate anything the technology tells them when they are fertile and they may trust the fertility kit because they are very accurate in measuring luteinizing hormone. They are accurate punctual as much as 99%. However, there are factors that can interfere with the result, and these factors are pregnancy, recent pregnancy and menopause. Hormonal contraceptives also affect the results because you may experience an irregular cycle. Therefore you should consult your doctor to about the best time to get pregnant once you have stopped using contraceptive methods.

There are also some prescription drugs that do interfere with the results, and usually this includes drugs that are in connection with hormonal regulation. Some of the these prescription drugs are menotropins for injection (Pergonal ) and danazol (Danocrine ). Results may also be different if you undergoing Clomid or Serophene therapy (Clomiphene citrate). Fertility specialists suggest that women should start testing for ovulation at least 3 days after taking the last tablet, but a consultation with fertility specialist is necessary in order to be determined when the best time to test is.

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