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"Get pregnant fast" can be summed up as the goal of many women who have just started trying to conceive. There are, unfortunately, no guarantees that it will happen fast for you. It might help you to know that 50 percent of all couples get pregnant within our months of trying and that is, we think, really fast! and a grand total of 90 percent get pregnant within a year. There are many things you can do to speed things up, but at the end of the day, much of it is left to chance. There are only three real things you can do to impact your own chances of conceiving. We have written about them extensively on this site, so if you want to know more, we are there to help you.

I would advise you to start by using the search bar at the top of the site and type in the keywords "ovulation", and "how to get pregnant". The short version can be summed up as following: know when you are ovulating, take care of your health (which, don't forget, goes for both men and women), and ensure that you have intercourse at the right time. Knowing when you are ovulating is not all that complicated if you have regular menstrual cycles. Using an ovulation predictor kit during those days leading up to expected ovulation is a great start. And that is something you can easily find out with an ovulation calendar.

Having intercourse in the days leading up to ovulation and during ovulation is only possible if you are aware of when you are fertile. Sperm count is highest first thing in the morning, and having intercourse once a day, or even twice if you feel up to it, during those days, is a safe bet. And taking care of your health? Eat foods from all major food groups, take a prenatal supplement including folic acid, and you're good to go. Exercising regularly also contributes to overall health. Besides those factors, chance also contributes to getting pregnant fast.

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