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Have you been prescribed Clomid? The chances are that, by the time you start using this popular fertility medication, you and your partner have already been struggling with infertility for a while, and you are hoping that you will get pregnant fast on Clomid. While Clomid is highly effective at inducing ovulation, it doesn't offer a guarantee that you will get pregnant.

Clomid also has limits as to how long it can be taken. We'll start with a Captain Obvious tip. Obvious to us, anyway, but perhaps not to everyone since buying Clomid online without prescription has been quite popular in recent years. The tip is not to do this; only use Clomid when you have been prescribed it by a qualified doctor, and use it exactly as directed.

While Clomid can be taken in different doses, and on different cycle days, your chances of conceiving don't necessarily go up when you take a higher dose or take it for more thans than directed. Whether you were prescribed Clomid for unexplained (idiopathic) infertility, or because you are not currently ovulating naturally, it is important to use ovulation tests to get pregnant when you are on this drug to confirm that ovulation has indeed taken place.

This will also give you the chance to boost your sexual activity! The other thing you have to pay attention to is your health and lifestyle. Even on Clomid, you are more likely to get pregnant if you are generally healthy and fit. The same is also true for your partner, who will have a higher sperm count and better quality swimmers if he is healthy.

Male health is often a forgotten part of fertility don't forget about it if you are trying to get pregnant on Clomid. You may also like to read about Clomid success rates with a low sperm count, if this affects you. Don't feel embarrassed to talk to your doctor about the best times and the best frequency to have intercourse either. When it comes to fertility drugs, infertility, and trying to get pregnant as soon as possible, knowledge is definitely power.

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