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Tightness in Head Characteristics

Many people experience feeling tightness in head from time to time. However, if this phenomenon becomes too frequent you should not wait before getting a proper diagnosis and, thereby, a suitable treatment. This tightness in the head area can be caused by many different factors, some of which can be more serious than a mere case of head muscle spasms. Thus, a timely action may prevent many grim scenarios, including a development of any kind of a terminal disease. Therefore, you need to know how to recognize the right symptoms of head tightness and how to do something about it. All the information regarding these facts can be found in the following lines.

Reasons behind Tightness in Head

The first suspect is a pinched nerve in the neck. Once you start experiencing tightness in head, you should pay attention to where the discomfort is stemming from. If you find out that the source is the neck, and you feel pain in the left side of it, a pinched nerve can be the cause of your problems. Namely, sometimes, due to maintaining an irregular posture for a longer period of time or some other physical abnormalities, our nerves may get trapped between our body tissue, this resulting in pain and discomfort, possibly leading to the feeling of tightness in the head. In this case, your neck will hurt, and your head mobility will decrease significantly, resulting in the tightness mentioned above.

The second possible scenario involves tension headaches being behind the tightness you feel in your head area. These are caused by stress due to work and deadlines, arguments and problems of any sorts etc. Besides experiencing headaches in these situations, you may feel as if something was applying pressure on your head. People who have anxiety problems and tend to suffer from panic attacks, are all possible victims for this condition, since some of the symptoms of a panic attack may be this strange sensation in the head.

Finally, the last of the most likely reasons for feeling tightness in the head is fibromyalgia. This condition may result in muscle spasms due to nervous function anomalies. Tightness in certain areas of the skin and the body may be felt. If this condition is causes unwanted reactions from the nerves in the neck, it might result in feeling tightness in the head.

What Can Be Done?

First of all, medical examination is necessary as soon as possible. Upon being examined, your doctor will establish a proper diagnosis, suggesting the best treatment afterwards. Then, if stress is causing the problem, you will need to indulge into some stress removal techniques or change your lifestyle. Similarly, you might need to change your diet, way of life, and some of your habits, in order for the tightness in your head to disappear.

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