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Pregnancy - what are the symptoms of the third trimester?

Week 28

The growing baby has reached around 13 inches now, and weighs around 2 1/2 pounds. Baby\'s senses are developing, and he or she can now hear sound, see light, can taste and smell. Expecting mothers may start feeling uncomfortable, and have to use the bathroom frequently as the uterus squashes the bladder.

Week 29

As the third trimester goes on, the baby is more and more likely to survive outside of the womb if it is born prematurely. Mom might have sleeping problems. Relaxation techniques and sleeping on the side may reduce this, and many moms find childbirth classes to be useful in preparing for labor and birth.

Week 30

While the baby, now weighing around 3 pounds. The expecting mother should take care to relax and put her feet up some more. This is the stage in pregnancy where varicose veins are a more frequent problem.

Week 31

The baby\'s growth will slow down, and he or she already looks like a newborn. Mothers should watch out for feelings of numbness in the hands and feet. Women experiencing these symptoms should talk to their doctor.

Week 32

This week, the baby weighs around 4 pounds and is around 18 1/2 inches tall. If it is a boy, his testicles will usually have descended into the scrotum by now. As the birth is approaching, Braxton-Hicks contractions, the \"practice contractions\" that have been going on for a while now, will become more frequent and more noticeable.

Week 33

From now on there will be less and less room for the baby to move around. The baby\'s skin is less see-through and looks more like a newborn\'s skin, as it is working hard on fattening up. Tiredness, cramps, headaches and back pain are common complaints in pregnant women at this stage.

Week 34

The baby is starting to develop its own immunity. Hip pain and back pain are common for mom now, and massages might be a good way to alleviate these symptoms.

Week 35

Now over 5 pounds, the baby is nearly ready to be born. The baby\'s main job is gaining weight. This is the time the baby may start to descend, and \"drop\" into the pelvis. This will be checked at prenatal visits.

Week 36

The baby\'s growth has slowed down again, to save energy and prepare for labor and birth. Mothers often have a sudden increase in energy and feel great.

Week 37

Only one more week till term! Most of the bay\'s cartilage has turned into solid bones, but the skeleton will still be flexible to allow for easier passage through the birth canal. It is possible for the bag of waters to break or start leaking in the 37th week. If this happens, an immediate call to a healthcare provider is in order.

Week 38

Now at around 7 pounds, the baby\'s intestines are starting to produce meconium - the first poo. It is time to get ready for labor. If a bloody show occurs or the bag of waters ruptures, labor might be imminent. Other signs of labor are contractions,diarrhea and nausea.

Week 39 and 40

The baby is ready to be born! Vernix (a creamy, white fat) might still cover the bay, and it might have small, downy hairs too. The mother might be experiencing prodromal labor and should watch out for signs of the real thing. Mothers tend to get anxious and feel like they are \"done\" with being pregnant. It is only a matter of time now, so relaxing enjoying those final moments before labor might be the best approach.

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