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Thinning eyebrows are not only aesthetically unappealing, but they may also be one of the more serious health concerns. In most of the cases, gradual thinning of eyebrows is a natural part of aging. However, certain medical conditions can also cause thinning of the eyebrows.
Common causes of thinning eyebrows
Sometimes, simple things such as hard rubbing while cleaning the skin or while applying the makeup, cause thinning of the eyebrows. If this is the case, one should pay attention to use only light strokes over the face, and avoid rubbing. Another common cause of thinning eyebrows is too much plucking.
Usually, over-plucking and rough or harsh plucking leave one with permanent eyebrow hair loss. In some of the cases, people with very thin eyebrows may suffer from trichotillomania, which is the strong pathologic urge to pull out hair and pluck the eyebrows. In this condition, patients get instant relief after plucking, but they also suffer a lot of distress. If this is the cause of thinning eyebrows, patients should seek professional help and engage in medical or behavioral therapy.
Loss of eyebrows is sometimes caused by an autoimmune disorder known as alopecia, which affects the hair follicles. In this condition, the hair is lost from some areas of the body, leaving the tingling and painful sensation. This condition is topically treated with steroid injections on small areas with hair loss.
Hypothyroidism is also associated with thinning of the eyebrows. Patients affected with this condition may also experience other bodily hair loss, dry and itchy skin, hypersensitivity to cold, overweightness, sluggishness, loss of libido and changes in the mood. These patients will have to undergo a lifelong therapy to correct their problem.
The telogen effluvium may also be the cause of losing eyebrows. This disorder typically occurs after severe emotional or physiological stressful events, which disrupt the normal hair cycle. The disorder is characterized by excessive hair loss that can affect all parts of the body, but generally manifests as loss of scalp hair.
Tips on fixing thinning eyebrows
Hair on the eyebrows will probably grow back after the adequate treatment. However, in some rare cases eyebrows will fail to thicken or grow back. If this happens, a person is left with an option to do a permanent makeup and replicate the normal look of healthy eyebrows. Permanent makeup is actually a light tattoo applied on the surface of the skin. This technique is simple and provides instant results.
There are many topical solutions that can be applied over the skin to stimulate the hair regeneration. Patients may expect first new hairs in eight to ten weeks.

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