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Piercing on the eyebrow

Ears are the most frequently pierced area of the body. After them on the list we have the eyebrows. The puncture mark you get after piercing the eyebrow will heal smoothly if you follow a few fairly simple pieces of advice.

An eyebrow piercing can be placed virtually anywhere on your eyebrow. However, there is one place that is by far the most frequently pierced to accommodate a piece of jewellery. Typically people have a vertical piercing done, plus, it is usually positioned very close to the outer side of an eyebrow. Of course, there are eyebrow hairs present above everyone’s eyes, and they might impede smooth puncturing of the future site for jewellery, and eventually cause the puncturing process to be painful. Therefore, what is usually done prior to piercing an eyebrow is getting rid of the hairs on the site.

If performed by a trained professional, piercing is a highly safe procedure. There are usually no complications whatsoever, and the site of the puncture heals more or less smoothly. However, the procedure of piercing an eyebrow, as any other spot, is not without its risks. You need have an appropriate approach to caring about a piercing if you seek to avoid infections and other potential problems.

Typical problems with eyebrow piercing

Excessive and repeated handling of the piercing is the number one factor that causes infections of the spot in question. If you are trying to minimize the chances for infection, remember to wash and disinfect your hands prior to getting them in any kind of contract with the piercing. In case you put on makeup or use different face creams, make certain that you do not apply it on the site of puncture. In case you fail to follow this rule, your piercing may end up bleeding and bloating.

Performing the hygiene routine of the face, including the site of piercing, is another risky situation that may result in an infection or some other form of complication. This is a tricky factor concerning proper care for the eyebrow piercing because the place of puncture needs to be cleaned three times per day. Since dirt can pile up around the piercing, it is crucial that you perform cleaning in an appropriate manner.

Treating the piercing with the solution of salt and water is very beneficial in it that it speeds up the time needed for the piercing to heal. Take a tablespoon of salt, dilute it in a cup of water; take a cotton ball, immerse it partially into the solution and use it to clean the eyebrow piercing area of skin.

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