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Hypnotize Yourself and Lose Weight!

Losing weight is not an easy task. Allwho have tried it before know that this is true, and, that, usually,once you lose it through an extreme diet of sorts, it is known tocome back, making your life “heavier” once again. For a permanentloss of body weight and proper maintaining after the actual losstakes place, you need a lot of will power. Thus, the best person tomotivate you for perseverance and persistence once you lose weight isyou, yourself. Bearing that in mint, you might consider self-hypnosisas a valuable choice for this weight losing endeavor. Note that thisdemands no magic or impossible things to be done. Rather, it simplymeans that you will be the motivator and a personal mental trainer toyourself, helping you achieve your desirable body weight and look. Itis not a hard task, yet it is highly rewarding and effective.Nevertheless, your weight loss will not happen overnight. On thecontrary, these long-time effects are hard to get. But, once youmanage to achieve your goals, you will greatly benefit fromself-hypnosis for these purposes.

The Facts, Not Fiction

Again, in order to show that nobrainwashing, magic, or any supernatural techniques are at stakehere, all you need to do is follow the following steps ofself-hypnosis, stick to them and experience positive bodily changes,shedding those pounds away.

First, you need to lie down on yourback. Once you do this, try and relax, letting all the stress leaveyour body, concentrating on being happy, satisfied, positive anddeprived of all tension. However, you should not lose your focus.Rather, you are to remained concentrated throughout your relaxation,breathing deeply. Next, gradually start relaxing all parts of yourbody separately. For example, start from the head, moving on to thehands, legs, abdomen etc. Prepare mentally for being hypnotized,determine the amount of time you want to dedicate to this. Uponachieving all this, you can start with your motivational commands.You might first involve promises like “I will follow my hypnosisthrough”, “I will lose weight this way”, “I will change mylifestyle and eating habits” and so on. Make sure you do not gooverboard issuing more than 10 commands per session. Finally, oncethis is done, breathe deeply and slowly for about 5 minutes.

Of course, mere hypnosis is not enough.You need to stick to the promises you made to yourself and takeaction into losing weight. Be aware of your actual weight, and admityou have problems with it, problems which need to be solved. Havepatience and will power to go all the way through with your weightloss plan, never slowing it down or making compromises. Stay positiveand motivated, making more and more steps towards a person you desireto be physically. Sooner than you expect, you will realize that youare already there.

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