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Spinning, but Going Nowhere

Do you know that familiar feeling ofdisappointment when you realize that your life-changing new year'sresolution has faded away before February even started and you seeyourself stopping all the exercising and healthy lifestyle you haveonly recently took up?

Most of us have a temporary desire fora change. Since new years seem to be the beginnings of something new,we like to enter the year motivated, both guns blazing, full ofdecisions and determinations. However, once life hits us with awell-known daily grind, we lose the motivation and, like hamsters ona spinning wheel, make all our previous efforts futile since we havegone nowhere, regardless of the high hopes.

If this is your story as well, maybeyou should stop and think why spinning the hamster wheel is a badthing. Namely, you plan a destination, have all the right motivationand you are ready to undergo the hard trip of staying fit, eatinghealthy and leading a positive life. However, you step on a hamsterwheel and, even though you start spinning, you soon stop and returnto the previous state, having done nothing, when you look at it from awider perspective.

Therefore, once you decide to dosomething with you life, you should stay motivated and promiseyourself that you will not stop until you reach your destination, nomatter the price, no matter the problems. For this, you will needlots of will-power, tons of determination and a pile ofself-confidence, sprinkled with perseverance.

How To Get Out of the Hamster Wheel?

First, you need to know what you want.Take a sheet of paper and divide it into three columns. In the firstone, make a list of things you want. This can be related to health,well-being, material stuff or anything else. The second column shouldhave the benefits you could provide yourself with, once you had thepreviously mentioned items. Finally, the third column should befilled with the actual benefits of these benefits. This way, you willhave a broad overview of your desires and the logic behind them,knowing what you want, why you want it and why it is good for you.

Then, turn the page and startdeveloping a plan regarding achieving all the things you want in the most productive way. If you can merge several things in one solution,do it. Think about things you want, be realistic and develop logical,creative and achievable plans you can follow systematically.

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