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The skin disorders belong to the most annoying and frustrating health conditions and many people will try anything to cure them as fast as possible. When the rash appears on the skin, it can be a sign of several skin disorders since there are many skin problems that cause the outbreak of rash. Therefore, first it is important to establish the real cause for the occurrence of rash and then treat it. Although there are many steroid creams that can be quite effective in the treatment of the skin diseases, these creams usually provide only a temporary relief. However, there are several natural remedies that are highly recommended.

Dermatitis and psoriasis

Dermatitis and psoriasis are common skin disorders that cause certain changes on the skin. When dermatitis is in question, the person usually gets rash typically behind the knees and on the inside side of the elbows. Furthermore, water-filled blisters are also likely to emerge. Dermatitis can be defined as a non-contagious allergic skin reaction that tends to become worse by stress and excessive sweating, as well as by exposure to some skin irritants.

On the other side, psoriasis is an inheritable skin condition that causes rash usually on the outside of the elbows and on the front side of the knees, and it is manifested through the red round patches with white scales.

Natural remedies for dermatitis and psoriasis

For the people who suffer from either of these two skin diseases, it is recommended to consume anti-inflammatory fatty acids, such as EPA and DHA. The best sources of these fatty acids are linseed oil and fish oil, as well as evening primrose oil. For the people suffering from psoriasis, it is advisable to drink plenty of water in order to expel the toxins out of the body, since the toxins in the skin just aggravate the itching. By drinking a lot of water, the liver can more easily process the toxins as well. Furthermore, tea, coffee and coke, as well as the other drinks that contain caffeine should be avoided since they are not good for our skin. Alcohol and cigarettes also produce many toxins that affect our skin in a negative way, causing the symptoms of the skin problems to be even worse. Eggs and dairy products should not be consumed either, as well as refined sugar and fried foods. The best herbal remedies in cases of psoriasis are dandelion tea, chamomile tea and nettle tea, as well as stellaria, calendula and borage, since these herbs can reduce the inflammation of the skin. In the case of dermatitis, there are several things that the people suffering from it should avoid, such as creams based on lanolin, wool clothes and biological washing powders.

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