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Bodybuilding - a form of art

Bodybuilding today is so much more than mere exercises. It transcended into an art form, one that has so many followers, competitions, supplements to make the process of muscle building much easier, etc. Even though, the main purpose of bodybuilding is explained in the name itself, there are some other things that have emerged and are very interesting. The muscle worship culture in bodybuilding is one of the latest things that appeared and even though it was considered as a taboo in beginning, today is more or less, normal thing, and it includes all gender combinations.

Muscle worship culture

The muscle worship culture in bodybuilding includes two persons, so-called worshiper and dominator. Even though it is not strict, dominator is almost always a bigger person, with more developed muscles, while worshiper is smaller, with less developed muscles, not so bulked up. Again, gender is of no importance, it can include every possible combination. And the worship itself revolves around sexual stimulation of the certain muscle group. Stimulation can be performed in many possible methods, whatever comes across the minds of participants. Actually, whatever is done during normal sexual activity can also be done in the muscle worship culture of bodybuilding, although it does not normally include penetration or similar simulation. Sometimes, this means that less present activities, such as pain infliction is also done (of course, with the consent of participants).

Origin of the muscle worship culture in bodybuilding is not yet established, although there are some indications that it might come from western or Asian culture, since this activity is spread in those regions. Some might call this a decadence of bodybuilding, some might say that the bodybuilding is at its peak and therefore, some new activities have to be found. Being true or false, it still stands that bodybuilding overgrew its basic principles long time ago. It event went so far that dominators are offering their bodies for worshiping for some amount of money and there are those willing to pay to be in a role of a worshipper. Some bodybuilders are actually making decent amount of money with this culture. This is not something that should surprise us. There are many forms of standard things that are emerging, all in order to satisfy our desires for new and unusual. It might come from the general feeling of boredom, or simply is yet another product of a modern world we are living in.

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