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Bodybuilding is a process of losing fat and increasing muscle mass. However, the end results are not lean muscles, but bulked up muscles as much as possible. This happens thanks to the increasing number of muscle cells and muscle fibers. Also, interstitial space between the muscle cells is increasing. Reaching this state of the body shape demands a lot from the practitioner, both time and money. This means that bodybuilding while working full time might be very tricky, almost impossible, at least when it comes to competitive bodybuilding.


Most of the people have to work and that consumes most of the day, because it is usually a standard 8-hour job and in average, another hour is needed for going to work and back. Obviously, there is not much time left for any activity. There is also a problem of physical and mental exhaustion. One or sometimes both happen and in those moments a person is not willing to engage in any sort of activity. So, how can a person effectively perform bodybuilding while working full time and knowing there are usually some additional obligations besides work?


All that is needed for this type of exercising is a good organization and sticking to the plan. This means that there will always be something that needs to be done, but it should be left for after the training session. This also requires from a person to be determined and with firm attitude toward the bodybuilding and other obligations. Also, it has to be said that this will consume most of the time, so there will not be much time left for any other activity in life. This might present a problem if a person has a family, there simply won't be much time for anyone or anything else. Of course, we are talking about competitive bodybuilding, which requires exercising each day, rigorous schedule, strict diet and using supplements for the maximum bulk up effect.

Things are a bit different for those who are not thinking about going to competitions. Number of training sessions can be reduced and the overall time spent for training can be almost cut in half, which leaves enough time for other things in life. Also, if a job requires certain physical engagement, that should be calculated into daily amount of spent energy and that calculation is needed for a dieting process. If possible, a person should work out at home, if there is some space that could be used for exercising only and which can house several workout machines, which are essential for bodybuilding.

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