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A Great Start of a Deadline Story

Deadlines are great since they motivateus for success and help us achieve certain goals with less effort and better organization. Therefore, it is always good to set a date or atime for everything you are doing. This will make you do it right,without doing it longer that you are supposed to and without lettingother things interfere in the process. However, no matter how wellyou are organized or how well you made your planthere are always tiny little things which start accumulating in yourlife, making it miserable and making you jeopardize your pride andwork motivation since this deadline of yours is coming closer andcloser every second.

The Plot of a Deadline Story

There is an unwritten rule that, eachtime you have a deadline, something will go wrong in the first partof your successful track to achieving your goals. This “something”is usually a smaller, annoying thing which is there to keep your mindfrom focusing on what you have promised to yourself. For example,this can be a computer which broke down, or a car which startedmalfunctioning. Yet, this little thing, this bump on the road tofinishing your work before the deadline, has to have some crucialconnection with the main thing you are doing, slowing it down a bitand making you increase your motivation only to show the strength ofyour resolve and willingness to prove that you truly are a person whocan respect deadlines.

Then, thing from Murphy's Law startfalling right into your life. As if connected by a strange dominoeffect of destiny, the little thing mentioned above, evolves intoanother little thing, making the problem bigger. Now, along with themalfunctioning car, you have a cold and your family is wondering whenare you going to paint the attic like you promised you will do,prepared to get angry with you, showing demotivating disappointment.The deadline, naturally, gets closer and closer, but the work is farfrom done.

Still, you are managing to pullyourself together. But, of course, more bad things start happeningand you get strangled by millions of tiny obligations pulling youaway from the goal you promised to yourself you will achieve. Youneed to stay at work for a longer time, more things get broken etc.At the end, you fail.

The conclusion of this realistic story is that once you decide to dosomething, make it a priority. All other things can wait. A deadlineis a deadline, no matter what is happening in your life. Be well organized and getthings done when you want them to be. Explain to your family and friends that you are busy at the moment and that they cannot count on you now. You will stand up amazed when you see that they will actually show respect and admiration to you.

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