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Degenerative Disc Reversal

Deterioration that affects the thin and fragile cartilage located between the spine's vertebrae is called degenerative disc disease or spondylosis, which is the name used in the medical circles. This problem can be detected with the help of the X-ray, which can show us the narrowing of the disc space found in between the connected vertebras, and this narrowing is the reason for the experienced pain. The touching or rubbing of the vertebrae bones is what produces the pain. The most common causes of this problem are water loss in the cartilage and aging, but there are some others as well.

This problem can be reversed and this is something that health care professionals usually do not mention to their patients. The inflammation can be eliminated with the use of cortisone and pain medications and this is what doctors give for the degenerative disk issue. But the use of cortisone can lead to weight gain, salt retention, increase of appetite, water retention and other side effects. Some of them are stomach ulcers, cataract, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Spinal fusion is what should be used after the cortisone and it will prohibit the movement of the vertebrae at the spinal segment, thus decreasing the pain. In order for this to be done, rods, plates and metallic crews can be used, or even inner-body cages which prevent the spine from moving. This is very important since there are so many problems, like repeat of the progression, pressure applied on the adjoining discs, and additional procedures, which can happen if the spine moves during this situation.


Exercising can really help those who are suffering from degenerative discs. There exist cases when degenerative disc, which was caused by absence of lower back curvature, was reversed with the help of exercises. The degenerative discs were opened and the curvature was returned to the place, and thus causing the patient to lose half an inch in height when the curvature returned. Specific problems will require specific exercises and you will also have to work with the chiropractor so that the spinal cord is in correct adjustment and aligned.

There may also be a need for the pillows, cushions, back belts or other similar equipment. The stated patient had lumbar area problem and we will mention the exercises done for this specific problem. They are done in the yoga cobra position and in the following lines it will be described how they can be done. Lie on the stomach and place the head on the lower arms, keeping in mind that the forehead needs to be raised.

Try to place the weight on your chest while stretching the hands backward and looking upward. The belly then needs to be moved backward and this resembles the action of pulling somebody's arms. When you do this, the lower back will not do any difficult work, but such work will be done by your belly. This exercise can help the cartilage build up since it provides the opening of space between the vertebrae. Remember that you need to drink a lot of water during this treatment.

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