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The massage performed with the help of hot stones actually represents a classic massage therapy, but reinforced with the soothing potentials of heated stones. The main principle rests on the usage of hot and smooth stones, which are put on those most essential body parts, i.e. spots, of the person undergoing a massage. It is also possible for a therapist to hold the stones in his/her hands and by making use of them massage a person in question.

As ancient as “Plato”

When it comes to hot stone beneficial properties and their usage for healing, it must be emphasized that it dates all the way back to those ancient times. However, the person who introduced this practice on the American soil is a massage therapist Mary Nelson and she did that under the guise of LaStone Therapy. Ever since this moment, the massage technique in question began to be used enormously countrywide. Nowadays, it is possible to participate in workshops organized by the aforementioned therapist and acquire the skills needed to master the hot stone massage. Furthermore, each and every therapist has his/her own way of performing the massage in question, and the same could be said for different spa centers who offer this wondrous massage as well.

“Mechanism” behind the massage

Having stones in mind, it needs to be pointed out that the stones employed in a hot stone massage are in most cases made of basalt. This specific rock variety is prominent for its abundance in iron, which enables it to preserve heat for longer periods of time. Regarded as the most suitable are rocks found in rivers because of their smoothness, which is due to the effect of the river forces at work.

As far as the massage part is concerned, the stones in question are first of all submerged in water, and then heated in an electric heating device until they reach the desired temperature. Once this accomplished, the therapist places the stones on those most important spots either on one’s back, in the palms of one’s hand, or in between one’s toes. The heat that comes from the stones warms up the person’s tight muscles, relaxing them completely. This further makes it possible for the therapist to apply deeper pressure, if the need for it arises.

Those most prominent reasons out of which people opt for this specific massage include such as back pain and ache, poor circulation, osteoarthritis, arthritis induced pain. Anxiety, stress, insomnia, and depression can be relieved with the help of this massage as well.

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