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What are the most common symptoms of stress and anxiety?

Fatigue, exhaustion, and a general lack of energy affect nearly everyone who suffers from depression. Day to day functioning and carrying out even the simplest tasks becomes a struggle for depressed people. Insomnia, nightmares and disrupted sleeping patterns go hand in hand with the tiredness patients suffering from depression are overcome by during the day. They are linked in a visual circle that deepens as the depression gets worse.

Excessive worry, and seeing worst-case scenarios for every possible situation are tell-tale signs of depression. Small and insignificant events become sources of great stress. Depression makes people lose sight of the positive aspects of life, and only disaster remains. Those suffering from depression easily panic, and may suffer from panic attacks.

Aggression and a short temper is another symptom of depression. Minor obstacles might trigger enormous anger, which the patient is unable to control.

Depressives tend to have low self esteem and feel worthless. They isolate themselves from the outside world, and do not feel able to handle company. Feelings of desperation and loneliness prevail. Because depression leaves a patient more and more isolated, a way out of the depression also becomes harder to find. At the same time, depression sufferers often feel extreme guilt over their actions, their tendency to turn away from other people, and analyze their every action in great detail.

Depression does not only have psychological symptoms. It also affects patients physically. Frequent headaches and migraines and muscle pain can be signs of depression. Back aches and leg cramps are especially telling, as they are triggered by stress. Many patients do not realize that these symptoms are the cause of stress and depression, but they are extremely frequent. Depression sometimes leads to trembling hands,due to an excess of adrenalin, and a permanent state of fear or anxiety. People suffering from anxiety and stress might have an increase heart rate, as well as heart palpitations.

Another symptom that is widespread in those suffering from depression,stress and anxiety is a loss of appetite. Many people feel unable to eat anything. In turn, a lack of proper nutrition further aggravates the condition. A minority of patients is prone to binge eating and over-eating.

Libido is one of the first victims of depression. When a person does not feel good about themselves, sex does not seem appealing either.While this is a physical symptom of depression, it is rooted in the emotional condition of the patient.

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