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People who are feeling down or desperate especially when these feelings simple will not go away might be suffering from depression. While experiencing depression people are not capable of functioning normally, they do not enjoy in life, their families etc. There is chronic lack of interest in anything. They might even feel extreme fatigue. Sometimes they refuse to eat and lose weight. Even these problems can be solved and people with depression can be treated hopefully with the complete recovery.

In order to establish the very state, there are signs, symptoms and what need to be evaluated are the causes since these must be eliminated. To treat the disease properly it needs to be understood correctly.

Chronic switch in people\'s mood is quite normal. When people experience death of the close ones, face obstacles or have difficulties it is OK for them to feel sadness. \" Depression\" is the word they use to define the state but this is very wrong because depression is a medical condition and the feeling they are having cannot be classified as depression unless there are obvious symptoms and signs of the disease.

The symptoms need to last longer and be intensive, and beside chronic sadness there is hopelessness and helpfulness present. Besides people do not think they are worth anything. Their energy levels are reduced and they are tired. This can even be so intensive that they are starting to feel pain without any particular reason. Apathy is a common state. People are losing interest in almost everything and there are evident changes in food consumption. Usually people ill with depression tend not to eat at all, but there are cases of overeating and gaining weight. Insomnia is a common symptom of the disease. Sometimes hypersomnia can occur. People can become more irritated, anxious, and restless. They may feel guilt of any kind and be hard to themselves even though they did nothing.

Therefore it is essential to make a clear difference between depression as a medical condition and transient, everyday feelings of sadness or emptiness.

Clinical depression is a medical state, a very serious disease that needs to be treated by a specialist. If people are experiencing some of the previously mentioned signs or symptoms they might be suffering from the disease. That is why there has to be attention if person is experiencing the following: he/she sleeps too much or cannot sleep at all, if there is a lack of concentration, if a feeling of hopelessness is present, if there are too much negative thoughts, if there is evident loss of appetite and finally if you are feelings you are no worth of living on this world (people having negative thoughts or even consider committing a suicide). This state requires visit to a specialist as soon as possible and he/she will then after setting the definitive diagnosis decide what kind of treatment will be useful.

The most serious outcome of the disease is a possible suicide. So the patients need to see supervised and go to regular check ups if the medication regime needs to be upgraded. The symptoms everyone should pay attention to are the following: person continues talking about committing a suicide, feels extremely hopeless, takes unreasonable actions (such as exposing to possible risk situations), has a sudden change of feelings from negative toward positive, state something such as \" When I\'m gone I won\'t be bothering you no more\" and so. If any of these symptoms occur the best way to act is to consult a specialist who will start treating the patient.

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