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Proctitis Overview

Proctitis is an inflammation of the terminal part of the large intestine. In proctitis the process of inflammation affects distal part of rectum and anus. This rather unpleasant condition may feature with numerous symptoms basically depending on the cause and the extent of the process of inflammation. Acute proctitis can easily turn into chronic form of the disease. This is why the treatment of proctitis has to start on time and be efficient.

Symptoms of Proctitis

The patients most commonly complain about pain during defecation, defecation accompanied with spasms and cramps, soreness of the anal area and deep pain in anus. Even the feeling of incomplete defecation can be one of the symptoms. In most patients there are traces of fresh blood on the stool. If the bleeding is heavy the patient can end up anemic. Anemia additionally leads to weakness, lightheadedness and shortness of breath.

Some patients also report the feeling of fullness in rectum as if they have not passed the entire stool. Constipation can be one more symptoms of proctitis.

Proctitis Caused by Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia are three sexually transmitted diseases that can cause proctitis. In gonococcal proctitis the patient does not have to develop any symptoms at all. Still if present, symptoms include tenderness and pain in anal area, blood and mucus in stool or discharge of same characteristics. Warts and fistulas may be present as well. In syphilis the symptoms basically depend on the stage of the disease. In primary stage the symptoms are similar to those in gonorrhea and in secondary stage of syphilis anal area is covered with growths that look like cauliflower. In chlamydial proctitis the symptoms are similar to those in gonorrhea and primary stadium of syphilis.

Proctitis Caused by Viruses

Herpes simplex virus and human papillomavirus are the viruses that cause proctitis. In herpes virus infection anal area is painful and covered with blisters which eventually burst and turn into painful sores. These skin changes come in clusters. If the infection is caused by human papilloma virus the anal area is covered in warts. The pain and bleeding can accompany the presence of warts.

Proctitis Caused by Anorectal Trauma

Trauma can additionally cause proctitis. Basically, this kind of proctitis affects people who put foreign objects into their rectums. This can be seen in sexually deviated persons. Traumatic proctitis is also seen in homosexuals.

Radiation Proctitis

People who have undergone radiotherapy of the pelvis may eventually develop radiation proctitis. In men radiation proctitis can affect those suffering from prostate cancer and in women those who are suffering from gynecologic carcinomas.

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