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At the beginning we willexplain what thrush is. Yeast germ is responsible for the creation of this condition.The name of this germ is candida, and it causes aninfection, usually in themouth area. When this happens, oral thrush is created. Other most commonlocations for the development of thrush include nail, nappy and vagina but themost preferred location for the housing of candida are healthy mouth and skin.They produce no real harm, though sometimes they can cause grave problems whenthey become extremely big, and in those cases, bouts of oral thrush are apossibility. There are many probable causes for oral thrush and one of them isrelated to the unclean dentures. Unfitting and improperly rubbed dentures can beblamed, as well as dry mouth, which are usually a result of radiotherapy orconsumption of certain drugs. Other conditions that contribute to the creationof oral thrush are deficiency of foliate or iron, antibiotics (since theydestroy surrounding bacteria leaving the area for the spreading of thecandida), weak immune system, steroid consumption extreme use of mouthwash andpoor health. Babies seem to be very easily affected by oral thrush. Themost common problems caused by this condition include areas outside of themouth that become red and sore redness and swelling and spores in the mouth.Usually this condition produces a feeling of soreness though not necessarily.

The next part of the textis concerned with the treatment. The most common items used for the treatmentare drugs with miconazole, nystatin or amphoreticin. They can be found in gels,drops and lozenges. When you use drops, they have to be placed on the troublingspot, gel will need to be applied on the sore, while lozenges will need to besucked until they dissolve. When you use these medications, it is important totry to keep them as long as possible on the affected location for at least 30minutes. There are some very serious cases of oral thrush, which have to betreated with anti-thrush tablets. These tablets contain itraconazole and fluconazole,which fight the infection. There are ways of preventing the oral thrush and some include the use ofsteroid inhalers, blood sugar control (for diabetics), avoiding the use ofdenture during the night and washing them regularly, maintenance of oralhygiene and drinking a lot of fluid. Conditions like foliate deficiency diabetes can be a reason for the doctor to perform blood tests just to besure.

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