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Transmittable or not

When it comes to oral thrush, certainly one of the most frequent questions that linger in the mind of the people is whether it is contagious in nature or not. Another one concerns the remedies and therapies that can aid a person in fighting it off once and for all.

The ailment itself occurs on the person’s mouth. What brings it about is the Candida albicans, a variety of fungus that has the tendency to build up on the lining of the mouth of the person who has been befallen by this ailment. As far as the target groups are concerned, those include primarily babies, those persons wearing dentures, people with weak or compromised immune system, as well as those inhaling corticosteroids. But, other people should not take it lightly since it can befall just about anybody. The only people who do not need to think about it too much are those in perfect health, since oral thrush is known to attack those people who are suffering from some other underlying condition, illness or disease. In case of these people, the condition in question has the tendency to transform into something even more severe and give such people even more headache and hard time. Having all said so far in mind, it is extremely important to be as much informed as possible about this ailment, so one could avoid it, or in order to be able to battle it off with success once it occurs.

One extremely important fact to bear in mind is that the bacteria that cause oral thrush is, even under normal circumstances, always present in the person’s body, mouth included. What this means is that it is a regular part of the person’s body microflora, though in rather small amounts. Out of this reason, the body has no difficulty in keeping a good control of them most of the time. But, in case a person kisses another person who has already come down with this illness, chances are that the second person is automatically increasing the amount of Candida albicans in his/her body. This can happen to such extent that the person’s body might not be able to keep control of them any more, thus bringing about the manifestations that accompany the oral thrush most often. Such manifestations include lesions on the person’s tongue and inner cheeks, on the roof of the mouth, gums and tonsils, accompanied by substantial pain.


Since this ailment is primarily induced by the compromised immune system, the best way to fight it off is give your best to fortify your metabolism, as well as concentrate on prevention of further outbreak of the fungus themselves by way of consuming yoghurt or taking acidophilus capsules.

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