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Eye infections are pretty common and there are only a few people who never experience this problem at least once during their life. All of the infections of the eye occur due to three causes and these causes are bacteria, fungi and viruses. These infections do not occur only in one part of the eye but they can occur in different parts of the eye. In most cases of eye infections it is the one eye that is affected but it is not that uncommon for both eyes to be affected. Two of the most common eye infections are conjunctivitis and stye. Conjunctivitis is otherwise known as pinkeye and it is mainly the children who are affected with it. This eye infection is highly contagious. Stye is characterized by a bump on the eyelid. There are a lot of symptoms of eye infections but some of the most common are redness, itching, swelling, discharge and pain.

Sodium bicarbonate to treat eye infections

In most cases of eye infections they are not serious and are easily treated with prescription antibiotic eye drops or ointments. However, some people prefer to use other treatments like sodium bicarbonate. An important thing to remember is that sodium bicarbonate will not cure an infection.

Sodium bicarbonate

This liquid is also known as baking soda and it is considered an excellent remedy for indigestion. If a person has low levels of sodium, the doctor will most likely prescribe sodium bicarbonate supplements. Apart from these uses, sodium bicarbonate is also used in certain hygienic products, like toothpaste for instance. However, there is no proof that sodium bicarbonate will cure an eye infection.

Side effects

There are various side effects that may occur when a person uses sodium bicarbonate. Some of the most common are rash, problems with breathing, irritability, muscle spasm, pain and swelling of the face, tongue and lips. There are various forms in which sodium bicarbonate comes and granulated form is one of them. Experts claim that if granules get in direct contact with the eyes a person will experience irritation and redness.


In most cases of eye infections, there is no need for any kind of treatment as the problem will resolve on its own. However, it is best that proper medications are used. People should not decide which medications to use on their own, they should talk to a doctor first. If a person experiences any of the symptoms, he or she should have the eye examined.

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