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Tremor revealed

This particular, sort to speak, phenomena or a condition is the one that is experienced by just about every person at one point in their life. The “regular” tremor is most commonly termed as the physiological tremor, which is a milder form of tremor that occurs almost every time a person puts his/her hands out. The tremor itself tends to become worse under specific circumstances, which are most commonly directly connected to excessive fatigue, as well as anxiety. This particular type of tremor is most frequently termed as the enhanced/exaggerated physiological tremor. As a manifestation, tremor often tends to accompany the condition known as neurological denhamced physiological tremoisease, which occurs as a direct consequence of a specific trauma, stroke, tumor or due to a degenerative disease. When it comes to those most frequently appearing and most common varieties of tremor, the idiopathic/essential/hereditary tremor is the one to guard from.

Essential tremor – background and facts

As already pointed out, this particular type of tremor is considered to be the most frequently occurring variety among all known neurological conditions. Based on the public survey, an estimate is that around four to five million people on the territory of the United States of America suffer from this variety of the tremor. What has been also discovered is that this particular kind of tremor is mostly hereditary and is a part of family history. As far as transmitting is concerned, it is done by way of autosomal chromosomes. Transferred into numbers, this means that a child whose parent is already suffering from this condition will have 50% chance of coming down with this particular condition as well. The essential tremor itself refers to the specific disorder, neurological in nature, under the influence of which a person in question suffers from the trembling (rhythmic in nature) of the hands, legs, voice and the trunk. These manifestation are, of course, more easily noticed when a person in question is moving or doing some specific activity, than when this person is resting. The most revealing positions are considered to be the postural position – voluntary maintenance of the position opposite to the gravity force, and the kinetic position – referring to just about any type of the movement. As far as target groups are concerned, there aren’t really any specific groups that should take special care, since, it can occur to people of any age, gender, as well as race.


Tremor is best and most effectively treated by way of surgical procedure. Regarded as the most beneficial and result yielding are:

Deep brain stimulation is extremely effective for keeping the tremor under control. The procedure is performed by introducing an electrode inside the VIM nucleus of the thalamus and lateron, which are directly connected to the pacemakerThalamotomy is a procedure that is based on performing thermocoagulation at VIM nucleus of thalamus and is extremely effective in warding off the tremor contralateral in nature.

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