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The condition in question is known as strabismus and represents the condition that is characterized by an eye related disorder where a child’s eyes look in different directions. That is to say, one eye looks straight forward, keeping the focus on a particular object or person, whereas the other eye turns in a completely different direction, sometimes inwards, outwards and even downwards. As for the target group, younger children are at the greatest risk of coming under the influence of strabismus. Another thing for concern is that the children in question often tend to seize using this eye permanently, which can induce loss of vision, i.e. the condition known as the amblyopia. This illness belongs to the category of those quite severe ones, since if not treated properly in due time, it can accompany the child all the way through his/her life. The method most frequently employed resides on closing the healthy eye with a patch, thus urging the child to use the unhealthy eye. Also, in certain cases, the only way to treat this condition is to undergo a specialized surgical procedure, which often proves to be vital in those more severe cases.

The condition in question is regarded as a fairly frequent one, and is known to affect one child in twenty. The period in which children are most prone to developing this condition is prior to starting school, around 3 years of age.

The most common culprits to keep an eye on

The most common factor causing strabismus (or squint) is, the imbalance of muscles that are responsible for maintaining the overall control of the position of eye(s). What needs to be pointed out is that, contrary to public opinion, strabismus in not induced by any neurological or medical disorder, which does not make it less serious in any way. Due to its overall nature timely and proper treatment is essential, as well as paying regular visits to an optometrist or ophthalmologist for regular eye checkups.

How to alleviate and treat the condition

In order for the treatment to be successful, certain steps need to be followed. This means that the first thing to be done is the treatment of amblyopia in case it has already occurred, then wearing corrective glasses in order for refractive error to be properly corrected, and for the purpose of correcting the overall outlook of the strabismus itself a surgical procedure is required.

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