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Information on Bloody Nose

A bloody nose is a certain medical condition characterized by the draining of blood from either one or both nostrils at the same time. The professional medical term used to describe this medical condition is epistaxis. This condition may affect any person from any age group, but still it affects the children much more than it affects adult persons. Nosebleeds can only rarely be considered as serious medical condition, but they still need to be treated on time, especially in those who suffer from underlying medical conditions which may be related to blood clotting problems.

Nose is a very vascular area of the human body which means that its inner lining is covered in a large number of arteries and veins. A blood nose can be triggered for no particular reason. Sometimes it can be triggered simply by blowing of the nose a bit too vigorously. Any type of damage or injury to the aforementioned blood vessels can be enough to trigger the drainage of blood from the nose. Other common causes of nosebleed include sudden trauma or blow to the face or nose, infections in the nasal lining, nose picking, dryness of the nasal membranes and numerous different types of allergies.

Treatment Options
For all the cases of nosebleeds the main concern is how to provide the area with the quickest blood clotting possible. Bleeding from the nose may seem quite scary for some people, but one always needs to just keep relaxed and calm in order to treat the condition as fast as possible. If a person starts panicking he or she may experience an increased blood pressure or certain other types of medical complications which only tend to make things even worse. There are certain steps of first aid which need to be followed in order to provide a quick relief without making big mess out of the whole thing.
When the front part of the nose is injured it is not that serious, but situations in which the back part of the nose gets injured may be very serious. Soaking the blood in a tissue from below the nostril is the first step. The soft paper tissue can be placed in the affected nostril as well. Breathing through the mouth is highly recommended during the nosebleeds. The head needs to be inclined in the forward direction and the soft part of the nose needs to be pinched and pressed gently for a couple of minutes.

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