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This is a part of a nose job and if you are considering this procedure, you should read the following text so that you have a clear idea what this surgical procedure really is about. When surgical procedures are being taken into consideration, all factors have to be taken into consideration. Information about the procedure must be acquired in order to have all the relevant knowledge. This procedure is done when the nostrils span is lessen, correcting some birth defects, altering the nose bridge, decreasing and increasing nose size and others.

The Procedure

Before the procedure, there are the several steps that have to be taken, which is especially important if the esthetic rhinoplasty is being done. Remember to talk to the doctor before the procedure and inquire about the risks, possible complications and other details, because this will help you to have clear expectations. Drinking and smoking is prohibited before the procedure is done and the preparation includes medications and some antibiotics. Remember to mention to the doctor if you are allergic to some medications. There are several types of rhinoplasty and we will talk about them more in detail.

Types of Procedures

The first one is an open rhinoplasty during which the cartilages and exposed with the peeling back of the nasal skin. This is accomplished with the incision made on the columnella, which is the area separating the nostrils. Some incisions are made in the nose, but they are nothing to be worried about since they heal very quickly. When this approach is used, the nasal anatomy is very clear due to the cartilage removal. Also, it involves a much easier grafting. But this method may include a more traumatic experience and higher chances of scaring. Next type is the closed rhinoplasty, or the endonasal rhinoplasty, which causes no scarring. All the work is done inside the nose, which makes this procedure very hard to accomplished. The complexity of this procedure is something that puts people off from having it done and they rather turn to open approach. But scarring is much lesser after the closed approach. The last approach is the non-surgical rhinoplasty, which involves no surgical intervention. It reshapes the nose by injecting a substance that causes the nose to reshape and alter. Another way of accomplishing the needed is with the use of flexible nose, which is put between the back of the nose and the nose tip. These are some of the types of the rhinoplasty procedure, but remember to discuss all the relative factors with the doctor, prior to the surgical intervention.

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