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About the nasal polyps

Nasal polyps are the formations which appear (by projecting, as the prominent parts of the surface) on the mucous membrane of the inner part of the nasal cavity. These formations are not the cancerous, and because of that, having them is not such a problem. However, their ability to grow can cause some problems, such as the blockage of a nostril, for example. But, even more serious consequences then may occur, and some are losing the sense of smell, the problems with inhaling and exhaling, or some infections (e.g. sinusitis). Surgery

So, there are the two most common ways to deal with the polyps; one is with the prescribed medications which are designed to shrink them, and the other, more invasive way is by a surgical procedure which involves taking out the formation(s). Nevertheless, another characteristic which we must be aware of, is the possibility of the reappearance of the polyps. And, although more aggressive, the surgery is more effective solution since it minimizes the chances of the polyps to come back in the future.

When the decision of having a surgical procedure is made, first of all, the histopathology (the examination of the tissue under the microscope) must be performed. After making sure that the formations aren’t cancerous, all the necessary pre-operative preparations must be made. At this point, it is necessary to remember to tell the doctor all the history about any underlying condition (e.g. if suffering from allergies, disorders, diseases, or illnesses), because the simple cold postpones the operation, and whether any medications are used or not.

The procedure itself is done under the total anesthesia. The first incision is made so that the surgeon could access the spot of the polyp more easily. But, in this process, the septum must be cut, and when it is hardened, it must be brought back into the previous, normal stage. After that, the polyp can be removed and that nostril filled with certain pads previously impregnated with Vaseline, which will be taken out after some period.

Anyway, taking a proper care of the nose after the procedure is extremely important. The filling in the nostril(s) may lead to the painful sinuses, and a swollen tissue. Because of that, usually the drugs for lessening the pain are used during the healing period, which lasts around month and a half. During this period, one must stay away from the polluted air, the smoking environments, to minimize the chances of getting common cold and even avoid to blow the nose.

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