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One type of knee surgery is called arthroscopy, which is performed on an outpatient basis and is usually performed to diagnose a knee problem and then treat the cartilage that is torn or to remove bone fragments that are broken.

The surgery is also used to repair ligaments.

When this surgery is performed, an incision is made into the knee, through which the surgeon will operate.

It usually takes in between six and eight weeks to recover from the surgery.

After getting operated on, it is important for the person to keep their leg in an elevated position and apply ice to it, especially during the first few weeks.

It is probably a good idea to walk with the help of crutches as well in order to keep pressure off of the knee.


Arthroplasty is a kind of knee surgery that is sometimes called reconstructive surgery, and it is a fairly complicated procedure.

This surgery involves replacing knee joint cartilage that is damaged with either metal or plastic substitutes.

When going through this type a surgery, a person will probably have to remain hospitalized for a period of at least one week.

However, within a week, the patient should be able to move about with the help of crutches. Within three weeks, the patient should be able to put weight on the knee once again. However, the person must take the recover time very seriously, and keep the leg elevated whenever possible, while applying ice to the knee in order to decrease the swelling.

Physically therapy might also be needed in order for a person to regain complete functions of the knee.

Knee replacement surgery

This type of surgery is usually followed by arthroplasty. It will take a long time to recover from a replacement surgery. Sometimes, it will even take as long as one year for a person to fully recover from it.

Of course, the person will be required to attend extensive sessions of physiotherapy in order to get the knee working again. There must be frequent visits with the surgeon as well, so that he or she can follow the patient’s improvement and see how the knee joints re functioning.

After about a year, the surgeon might give the go-ahead for performing more strenuous exercises of the knee.

It is also important to note that in this time, the person will depend on the help of others greatly. The family members of friends of the patient need to be their in order to help with everyday tasks that the person cannot perform because they cannot move their legs properly for quite some time.

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