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Tanned skin – a perkor is it?

In opinion of many,one of the greatest benefits and plus sides of a vacation by the sea is thefact that you can tan beautifully, and soon become envy of the entire neighborhoodonce you come back home. But there is always a question of what about thosepeople who might not have the means to spend their holidays regularly by thesea, or those who cannot stand to be for more than a couple of minutes in the sun?Tanning studios are certainly not the luckiest, and come to that, not thehealthiest places where a person would want to get his skin tan. What else isleft there, then? Well, the answer to all of the above mentioned questions, andmany more related ones, are the sunlesstanning techniques. Upon mentioning this, many will surely reach far backinto their memories and bring to memory many sunless tanning incidents, which occurredsome thirty years ago, and which were the main culprits for turning a greatnumber of people instead of in “black Gods” into “oranges”. Not a pretty sightat all. Fortunately, this is not the case today, given the fact that all suchsolutions have been further developed and made much better. In the present time, they hold quite a potential in giving a person in the question an almost perfectand the same tan as that which is acquired by exposure to a summer’s sun.

The innovation

The greatest majorityof these lotions abound in DHA – an extract obtained from sugar cane interacts withstratum corneum, known to have the ability to make the skin incredibly darker. Itis a well known fact that our skin is comprised of many layers, with epidermisbeing its outermost one. Important fact that should be born in mind is that, when exposing to regular sun, the layer that gets affected the most is stratumbasale, whereas when employing the artificial tanning techniques the layer inquestion is stratum corneum. The above mentioned DHA has the ability to, oncethe interaction with the skin begins, give a person’s skin beautiful dark shade, which is seen in about a week’s time.


Another thing to bearin mind is that all these tanning “solutions” come in two distinct forms, i.e. inthe form of a lotion and in the form of a spray. Those persons having a go atthem for the first time should in the beginning hit it off with a lotion. Wordof precaution – the exact same lotion cannot be used for all body parts, butfor each body part a different lotion should be used. Because of itssignificance, when purchasing any type of tanning lotion, be sure to check if itcontains the DHA.

In order to makessure that the lotion will be effective, a person should employ it after he/she hasexfoliated first. After making sure of this, the skin should be first dried andthen the lotion applied by means of either a sponge or some similar helper.Once completed, the waiting period should be from 15 minutes to 1h, unless youwant to literally wear your color.

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