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Diet plans for women over 40

Once women reach menopause, somewhat different rules apply for them than for younger women, and diet is one of them. Menopause is the beginning of a new phase in the woman’s life, which is characterized by a permanent end to her menstrual cycle. It can be quite unpleasant and it might take some time to adapt, as it can be followed by hot flashes, variations in the level of hormones and mood swings. Due to the variations in the levels of hormones, women are likely to gain some weight once they enter the stadium, known as menopause.

Another thing that changes upon entering menopause are the woman’s metabolism functions, in the sense that they become much slower, and that is why a woman in menopause and a young woman cannot follow the same diet regimes.

Women over forty require diet plans that will provide them with an additional boost in energy and strength, while helping them overcome weight issues and remain healthy and that calls for a complete lifestyle change.


One of the things women over forty often experience is the so-called water retention, or the excessive accumulation of water inside the tissues. The reason for this is the urge for water that the body is experiencing and instinctively producing itself. This issue is particularly tricky for women from the age of forty onwards because they are more prone to kidney problems, joint pains and other conditions resulting from water retention, due to their hormone imbalance. While some may suppose that the solution lies in cutting down on the water, it is actually quite the opposite – one should make sure to drink as much water as possible per day. This will help get the excessive water out of the body, and not bottle up more of it.

Food portions

Women over forty are recommended to eat more than three meals a day, but in much smaller portions. This is because their metabolism needs a boost every now and then and foods that are rich in vitamins, proteins and fiber will do the trick for it. And when this way of eating is combined with some physical activity, the energy levels will be as high as they can be and these women will be quite comfortable in their own skin, hormone imbalance or not.

Coffee drinking

Coffee is not a healthy beverage, so it is highly recommended to cut down on it in the age when the body is more susceptible to the negative influences. Containing large amounts of both calories and toxins, coffee is quite unhealthy and every woman is just better off without it, no matter how good it makes them feel while drinking it.

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