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Sleeping DisorderInsomnia is a common problem of a modern man due to stressful lives we are leading. In order to have a good night sleep, many are turning to strong sleeping pills. One can ask a physician to prescribe medications for sleeping aid or buy some over the counter strong sleeping tablets. It is important to known what works the best for you. Also, you may try sleeping aid treatment but it is much more expensive. However, even though sleeping pills are relatively cheap, they might not help you to effectively treat your sleeping disorder. Searching for the right sleeping pills can cost you time and money. Remember that sleep medications are the most effective as a temporary and not as a long term solution.

Strong Sleeping PillsSeveral decades ago, doctors regularly prescribed barbiturates for treating sleeping problems. Barbiturates are very strong and highly addictive medication. Nowadays, sleeping pills are milder but more effective as well. Scientists have opposite opinions about these pills. Some of them believe that sleeping pills can temporarily help with trouble sleeping. Others, however, think they are not actually treating the cause plus they may lead to dependence. Sleeping medications can cause physical and psychological addiction. When person comes to rely on such pills to sleep, he or she will not be able to sleep or will even have worse sleep without sleeping pills. Also, if you discontinue sleeping medications abruptly, you will experience withdrawal symptoms and your insomnia will return. Most doctors prefer antidepressants for treating the cause of sleeping disorder.

Prescribed Sleeping Pills

Prescribed sleeping medications act on the brain in the way they slow down the brain activity and brainwaves. Their sedative effect relaxes the muscles and alleviates tension. Your body can eliminate sleeping pill from the system from couple of hours to couple of days depending on the brand. This is way you may feel drowsy during the next day.

You can easily develop tolerance to sleeping pills therefore they become less effective over time. After a month or so, they become almost useless and the only solution is to stop taking them.

Unfortunately, sleeping medications don’t always provide you with all night long sleep. It is because, they usually lose their effect after several hours. This is why you may wake up during the night even though you have had taken sleeping pill. Quality of sleep can be affected by sleeping medications as well since they decrease deep sleep and REM stage of sleep.

Most commonly prescribed sleeping pills are benzodiazepines and cyclopyrrolones. Benzodiazepines last longer but they are also more addictive then cyclopyrrolones.

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