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Is it safe to use sleeping pills and are there any unwanted effects?

Sleeping pills are probably the first thing that people who cannot fall asleep think of. Yes, they do affect the brain cells and thus contribute to sleep, but besides the fact that they do that overnight, they also do that over day, which is why many people experience some kind of hangover in the morning and why their memory, judgment and mental functioning in general are affected. The fact is that sleeping pills should not be used as a long-term solution, because in that case, they might seriously damage one’s health and cause more than severe consequences.

Even if they are used only as a temporary solution, they can cause some serious side effects, of which some are headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, problems with balance, and shaking of some parts of the body that cannot be controlled. What is more, people can develop allergic reaction even to this medication, and the most serious symptom – anaphylaxis can be experienced due to sleeping pills as well. If there is no appropriate timely reaction, the outcome might even be fatal.

Serious problems that might be caused by sleeping pills

Another serious problem that sleeping pills might cause is addiction, because after some time, the pills might stop working because the body becomes tolerant. On the other side, the person might develop psychological dependence on the sleeping pill and as a result, it will be unthinkable to go to bed and try to fall asleep without taking a pill. In order to avoid any kind of addiction, it is simply necessary to follow advice and directions that the doctor gives you.

The combination of sleeping pills and alcohol might be fatal, because sedative effects will be increased. Oversedation might also be a result of combined use of this medication with grapefruit juice, because it has the potential to increase the quantity of the drug that the bloodstream absorbs.

Parasomnia is also a possible problem that might be caused by sleeping pills, and it refers to a state in which the person does not have control over one’s own behavior or actions. Since the person practically sleeps, there is no awareness of what is going on around. This does happen rarely, but it is more than serious because people in this condition can even drive car without being aware of it.

This all proves that sleeping medications can cause problems with health, which is why it is even more important to weight all the pros and cons and determine whether the benefits are worth putting yourself at risk.

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