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It is probably a safe bet to say that nobody wants to have stretch marks on their body. In pregnancy it is just about inevitable that you will get a stretch mark or two and the smaller in figure you are the more likely that is to happen to you.

The Causes of Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Due to your body growing at such a quick rate the skin just cannot catch up fast enough to make it more elastic thus the elastic will break down. So rather than growing over the growing fetus it tends to break and cause the appearance of stretch marks. During a woman’s pregnancy the stretch marks will more often than not occur on the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks.

How to Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks

The rule applies to everything in life, if you can prevent it, it is a far better option than treating it later on. Try putting on a highly moisturizing lotion that contains cocoa butter as it will greatly boost the elasticity of your skin and assist you in keeping your body away from pregnancy stretch marks. It is important to remember to use the lotion not just daily, but also when you have finished with your bath or shower and if you can, throughout the day especially on your problematic areas. You should also have a hot shower in the mornings as well as a hot bath in the evenings because your pores in your skin will open up thus making them more elastic. When we say hot, obviously take care not to burn yourself and do not stay in a bath for too long a period. So many women let themselves go in their pregnancy and eat for two but most of us know that it is not necessary. If you can, don’t give in to your cravings everyday but try to stay with a healthy, nutritious diet. This will help you not to put on too much weight in the pregnancy which also helps to prevent those stretch marks.

Treatment of Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Cocoa butter is not just a preventative but also a cure. Laser plastic therapy will completely remove the marks and there are many other topical treatments if you are on a budget. With all the lotions and potions in the stores that promise to remove the stretch marks, it is always wise to do your research to avoid a scam.

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