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Anyone who’s ever gone a little overboard with drinking alcohol is probably familiar with the term hangover and its symptoms. But while the symptoms of a hangover are mostly just unpleasant, stomach pain that results from alcohol consumption might be a bit more serious than that. The kind of stomach pain that’s referred to can be pretty sharp and severe, and if one has any doubt that those symptoms are related to the consumption of alcohol, it’s necessary to take measure at once.

The effects of alcohol

If the consumption of alcohol only occurs from time to time and in moderate quantities, it can be called acceptable. However, if one tends to drink alcohol in excessive quantities, and pretty regularly at that, it’s impossible to decide where to even begin to explain how harmful and toxic that activity and its consequences are. Not only are the functions of individual organs such as the liver and the kidney in jeopardy from it, but it also poisons the blood and not to mention it makes the immune system quite fragile, weak, and susceptible to a number of diseases.

Causes of stomach pain after drinking alcohol

The reason why intense stomach pain after drinking alcohol is such a frightening concept is that it is one of the prime symptoms of many damaging conditions that arise from taking too much alcohol into the blood. There are so many of such conditions that they really can’t all be listed, but the thing about them is that they can have many consequences that are just as severe as the stomach pain that’s symptomatic to them, some of which are permanent. Some of the most frequent conditions that are characterized by abdominal pain after drinking alcohol are acid reflux disease, gastritis, gallbladder diseases, liver diseases, pancreatitis, inflammation of the upper digestive tract and an ulcer in the upper digestive tract.

Treatment for the stomach pain after drinking alcohol

The only truly effective way to make sure that the pain doesn’t return is to stop drinking alcohol. It really is as simple as that. If one happens to be lucky enough to experience this pain and have the doctor diagnose him with none of the above-mentioned diseases, it would be most foolish of him to go back to drinking alcohol. Because it is very likely that the next episode will be a lot more than just a warning sign.

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