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You must have heard about cases where women who had no idea they were pregnant suddenly gave birth. This is exactly what happened to one 35 year-old mother of two from London. Leslie Nicholl went to Homerton Hospital in the British capital when she started suffering from severe stomach pain. The seasoned mom, who had already been pregnant and given birth twice before, was shocked when a doctor informed her that her "stomach ache" was actually a baby.

She delivered a 9 pound boy by cesarean section hours later. If you think that this is a rare, and almost unbelievable, occurrence, you are not the only one. But doctors say this is not actually all that unusual, especially in women who are obese, or those who have an anterior (front-lying) placenta. The Fox health editor said: "There are many women who may have irregular periods, and they don't realize it when they become pregnant. Some of these women are overweight, and therefore do not perceive movement as the fetus grows."

Nicholl described how she had tests and scans carried out at the hospital when she went in with extreme abdominal pain, and it took the doctors quite a while to discover the cause of her discomfort: "Eventually they discovered there was this baby inside me, right up against my rib cage." It must be a totally surreal experience to discover you are expecting a baby and then giving birth a matter of hours later. It is something I can barely imagine. I am curious to see what this mother of two looked like during her pregnancy, and if there were really no signs that she was expecting a baby. It seems more uncommon because she was already an experienced mom who should know what pregnancy looks and feels like, and ought to recognize the pain of contractions (unless her earlier two were also c-sections, of course). What are your thoughts on this story?

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