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The majority of women know that they should eat as healthy as possible while they’re pregnant in order to make sure that their baby will be born healthy and strong. However, what they probably don’t know is that how healthy they were before conceiving is also a very important factor for their baby’s health. This simply means that it is highly recommended for a woman to make sure that she is already taking the important vitamins and minerals even before she is expecting a child. Of course, this does not mean that before planning a baby, a woman should stick to a particular diet plan which would allow her to have the sufficient amount of these nutrients in the body once she’s pregnant, as there are easier ways to take care of that.

What are prenatal vitamins?

Now, this is where the prenatal vitamins come in. Prenatal vitamins are basically a cocktail of vitamins which would normally be called multivitamin pills, except that in this case they are particularly made for women who are expecting a child. Doing this will set a strong foundation for the time when the baby’s conceived.

Health benefits of taking prenatal vitamins before pregnancy

Not only will taking prenatal vitamins before pregnancy help the baby be healthier, in general, once it’s born, but there are also particular conditions that their use will decrease the chance of.

The chances of the baby having any kind of birth defect are considerably smaller, however, these pills have proven to be particularly helpful with impeding the bran defects. This is done by taking care of the abnormalities in the spinal cord of the child. The key substance in the prenatal vitamins that has this effect on the fetus is folic acid. Folic acid is a kind of vitamin B and it produces red blood cells and preserves brain functions. The fetus requires a great amount of folic acid while growing and that’s why it’s a very good idea for the mother to consume it for a while before even getting pregnant.

Another benefit of this action is that the calcium from the prenatal vitamins will strengthen the bones of the mother significantly. The reason why this is important is that the unborn baby requires a lot of calcium while growing and developing inside the mother’s womb. Therefore, the baby uses the calcium that the mother takes in through food and nutritious supplements, but the baby also takes the calcium from the mother’s bones. By taking the vitamins before pregnancy, the mother-to-be will strengthen the bones and protect them from loosing density.

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