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Not everyone can say that they have experienced the pain of having a bump on their tongue, but many have had this occurrence.

About the Tongue

The tongue is in fact the strongest muscle in your entire body and is used continually, it has various functions such as assisting us to talk and to consume foods. The tongue is made from things called papillae and it should be a pink color. More often when a person has an infection on their tongue it usually is not serious or life threatening and obviously by seeing the dentist on a regular basis can prevent most infections from coming up.

What are the Causes of Tender Bumps on the Tongue

Most of the time, a sore bump on the tongue is caused by a certain food, or even some particular type of toothpaste. Another reason for having a small sore bump on the tongue can be caused by something called stomatitis and is also referred to as aphthous. These are ulcers than can start on the lips, gums, roof of the mouth and the tongue and are usually created from bad hygiene. An additional reason for having a painful bump on the tongue is the herpes simplex virus. This particular virus can cause lesions that are very painful indeed. If you have experienced the small white colored bump on the tongue then this is known as leukoplakia. This happens when the tongue gets rubbed by something. If a child below the age of five has bumps closer to the back end of the tongue, then this is called kawasaki syndrome. Sometimes it can also cause the child to have swollen hands and possibly a high fever. If there has been a viral infection present, or you have had an injury on the tongue or even eaten spicy foods then you may get canker sores. If the tongue looks reds in color like a raspberry then its best to see your doctor as scarlet fever has this symptom.How to Treat Tender Bumps on the Tongue

There are a number of medications and even some home remedies that can quickly help in the treatment of sore bumps on the tongue. An easy treatment is a saline water mouth wash which will help against the small bumps. If a person if suffering with canker sores then the treatment should be baking soda and sodium carbonate mixed together and put on the bump. You can also try using a vinegar instead. Sometimes if a person is short of folic acid and/or vitamin B6 then this can lead to the sore bumps on the tongue.

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