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Information on Glossitis

There are numerous different factors and causes which can be associated with the medical condition known as glossitis. Glossitis is a medical condition which usually can be characterized by rather unusual swelling and redness of the tongue. The tongue also turns smooth and one cannot feel its roughness at all. It is also common to experience difficulties while speaking or eating and most cases have included certain tissue like substances in the patient’s mouth.

Causes of Glossitis

Glossitis is a medical condition which can be characterized as a tongue infection. It can be triggered by numerous different causes and factors. Consumption of hot food, consumption of tobacco products, vitamin deficiencies, viral infections, mineral deficiencies, bacterial infections, and certain types of medications are only a few of the most common possible causes of the medical condition known as glossitis. When this condition occurs, the tongue loses its papillae which are normally located on the upper side.

The tongue becomes a red smooth surface. Persons who are allergic to certain types of substances which can be found in mouth fresheners and toothpaste are much more susceptible to glossitis than the others.

Those who suffer from iron deficiency, vitamin B deficiency, apththous ulcers or oral lichen planus can get glossitis quite easily as well. Those who suffer from numerous different types of viral or bacterial infections should also be careful. Those who have an injured tongue should also take special care not to get infected by glossitis.

Glossitis is a hereditary medical condition so a person may have it, if her or his parents had it before. Excessive consumption of all different types of tobacco products can also sometimes be associated with the development of glossitis. Atrophic glossitis usually gets triggered by malnutrition and vitamin B12 deficiency, riboflavin deficiency and iron deficiency.

Rubbing the tongue against a sharp tooth can also be the cause of this type of medical condition. Other causes of atrophic glossitis may or may not include different types of yeast infections and a weakened immune system.

The migratory glossitis may be caused by vitamin B12 deficiency or yeast infections. It can be very painful. The condition medically referred to as the median rhomboid glossitis gets caused at the very development of a fetus.

The tuberculum impar gets trapped and a patch gets developed on the tongue. This occurrence is completely involuntary. Glossitis can be prevented by avoiding all the harmful substances that may cause it. 

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